“We Couldn’t be More Pleased with our New Home”

My wife and I are celebrating our first year in a Pioneer Builders’ home constructed in 2015 in McCormick Woods. This is the second home we have had built in Kitsap County; so we were not complete novices regarding the challenges involved.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new home. Pioneer Builders is a family owned and operated business that takes great pride in the product from start to finish. They are great at working with their client at all levels, from design, framing, etc. right through consulting with you regarding cosmetic details, as well as interior decor and design. The end result is that we have a beautiful house, inside and out, of which we are very proud and have enjoyed living and entertaining in.

As with all major projects, communication is the key to a successful conclusion. This responsibility rests equally with the builder and the clients. So, our most important suggestion is that the client create a close contact relationship with Pioneer’s representatives, as well as their sub-contractors. Develop a concrete understanding of what you want and expect during each phase of construction and make sure you reach a mutual meeting of the minds with whomever you are dealing with. In other words, make sure all parties are on the same page, and you will not be disappointed. Do not expect Pioneer to read your mind or think that you can read theirs. Mutual understandings will prevent downstream disappointment and frustration. Understand what changes/alterations/upgrades will cost before consenting to a change. Do not be an absentee client. Be involved and be on-site as much as you can without interfering with the work in progress. Lastly, understand what has to be done or installed to meet the governmental code requirements required to get the final approval for occupancy. These requirements might present problems downstream, so understand them up front.

As I mentioned, we have now been in our house for a year. Has everything gone perfectly, no. No major insurmountable problems, but in a project as large and complicated as a house, things can and will go wrong or fail. Pioneer has been very responsive in rapidly resolving these problems. In some cases, taking care of issues about which they could disclaim any responsibility. In this impersonal day and age, you can’t ask a company for more than that.

Our thanks to Tim Sr., Vickie, Bryan, Tim Jr. and all the others that contributed to making a house our home.

~ Pat and Judy Howard