Build Show Network Videos

Bryan Uhler is a contributor to the Build Show Network.  He shares a wealth of information and experience.  Enjoy!!

Introduction to Bryan Uhler

Wood Framing to Support a Concrete Garage

Concrete Flatwork Preparation

Titan AirEx Outlets

Where to Butt Drywall Joints

Garage Over Living Space – Part 2 – Installing VaproShield SlopeShield Plus SA

The Building Science Behind Garage Over Living Space – Pt. 1

Our Completed Spec House

Garage Door Construction – What to Consider

Building Science, Garage Doors, and ThermoTraks

BS and Beer:  A New Chapter

Insulation Types and Quality Control Inspections

Hot Water Recirculation

Taco Comfort 006e3

Panosonic ERVs

(WhisperComfort, Intelli-Balance)

Pocket LVL Headers

Build Show Bryan Talks Hot Water

Boxabl Casita Tour

Spec House Design and Layout

Leasing a Spec Home

SIGA Booth – IBS 2023

FODS Construction Entrance Mats

IBS Overview + BTS

These Modular Outlets are SO Cool – IBS 2023

Insane Mobile Workshop & More from IBS 2023

Building on a Grade

Inspection Reports

Cladding and Window Design

Door Install Tips

A Deep Dive Into AeroBarrier

Clearing the air:  IQAir HealthPro Plus

Conditioning During Construction

Bryan Talks:  Air Theory

What’s in the air?  IAQ Monitoring

Introducing:  Build Show Bryan Talks

Water Heater Replacement

Dehumidification with Mini-Splits

Concrete Jointing and Cracking

Locating Sewer Lines

Sub-Slab Insulation with Halo Subterra

The Pre-Roofing Checklist

Roof Safety and Fall Protection

The Need for a Rain Screen

Smart Water Shut-Off

Selling with a Spec Sheet

High-Efficiency HVAC

AZEK Open Joint Cladding

Attic Mechanicals

High-Tech Thermostats

Brick Exterior Water Management