Build Show Network Videos

Bryan Uhler is a contributor to the Build Show Network.  He shares a wealth of information and experience.  Enjoy!!

Introduction to Bryan Uhler

Steel and Wood Go Great TogetherSteel and Wood Go Great Together

Innotech Behind The ScienceInnotech Behind the Scenes

How we are handling rain water

How We Are Handling Rainwater

Innotech Window Installation

Innotech Window Installation

Things To Know Before Cutting Down Trees

Things to Know Before Cutting Down Trees

Exploring the Science and Applications of Vacuum Cups in Construction

Exploring the Science and Applications of Vacuum Pumps

Panasonic Whisper Comfort

Panasonic WhisperComfort ERV (FV-06VE1)

Best of Kitchen, Bath & Interiors - KBIS 2024

Best of KBIS 2024

Unvented Crawl Spaces

Unvented Crawlspace

Allyn, Washington Home Tour

Allyn Washington Home Tour

Site Work Elements

Site Work Elements

Concrete Foundation

Structural Footing Details

Learn How We Manage Rainwater

Pouring a Concrete Footing

Wood Framing to Support a Concrete Garage

Concrete Flatwork Preparation

Titan AirEx Outlets

Where to Butt Drywall Joints

Garage Over Living Space – Part 2 – Installing VaproShield SlopeShield Plus SA

The Building Science Behind Garage Over Living Space – Pt. 1

Our Completed Spec House

Garage Door Construction – What to Consider

Building Science, Garage Doors, and ThermoTraks

BS and Beer:  A New Chapter

Insulation Types and Quality Control Inspections

Hot Water Recirculation

Taco Comfort 006e3

Panosonic ERVs

(WhisperComfort, Intelli-Balance)

Pocket LVL Headers

Build Show Bryan Talks Hot Water

Boxabl Casita Tour

Spec House Design and Layout

Leasing a Spec Home

SIGA Booth – IBS 2023

FODS Construction Entrance Mats

IBS Overview + BTS

These Modular Outlets are SO Cool – IBS 2023

Insane Mobile Workshop & More from IBS 2023

Building on a Grade

Inspection Reports

Cladding and Window Design

Door Install Tips

A Deep Dive Into AeroBarrier

Clearing the air:  IQAir HealthPro Plus

Conditioning During Construction

Bryan Talks:  Air Theory

What’s in the air?  IAQ Monitoring

Introducing:  Build Show Bryan Talks

Water Heater Replacement

Dehumidification with Mini-Splits

Concrete Jointing and Cracking

Locating Sewer Lines

Sub-Slab Insulation with Halo Subterra

The Pre-Roofing Checklist

Roof Safety and Fall Protection

The Need for a Rain Screen

Smart Water Shut-Off

Selling with a Spec Sheet

High-Efficiency HVAC

AZEK Open Joint Cladding

Attic Mechanicals

High-Tech ThermostatsBrick Exterior Water Management